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ALT is both an abbreviation for alternative and an acronym for active lifestyle tech. Our mission is to lead with the best innovations for the latest and greatest in supplements, healthy snack alternatives, technology and merchandise to support a healthy energetic active life.

We focus on alternative options, alternative formats, alternative sources, alternative flavours, alternative choices. Because nobody needs just another regular chocolate whey - That's so vanilla!


Sarah Ainsley Harrison CPN | Founder & CEO of ALT Lifestyle Products Inc.

About The Founder

ALT Founder and CEO Sarah Ainsley Harrison is a Holistic Nutritionist with over a decade in the supplement industry. Starting in sport nutrition, as avid athlete and varsity rugby alumni, then becoming a multi-title National Champion in bodybuilding, as well as a former Miss Canada who won the Best Body Award at Miss Universe Canada, and an international runway and editorial model – So much focus on athletics and aesthetic, Sarah eventually learned personally that fit is not synonymous with healthy, and beauty is truly skin deep, when she developed Guttate Psoriasis and Alopecia Areata.

After healing her leaky gut and becoming more holistic in her approach Sarah became a Nutritionist with the goal of developing sport supplements that were healthier and free of artificial dyes like red dye 40 and artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame.

Taking a modern innovative approach to holistic health, we strive to give our customers the best of both worlds – natural healthy products that taste amazing and provide exceptional experience along with effective results.


Active Lifestyle Tech

Female Founded. Canadian Made.

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Building The Brand

Est 2023